Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Door gevaarlijke gekken omringd Ia

Just to return briefly to the topic of the original Door Gevaarlijke Gekken Omringd, squatting, I am sad to report that the Court of Appeals in Amsterdam has followed much of the approach of the Court in The Hague that I criticesed earlier, and has similarly forbidden an eviction of squatters. Apparently, squatters have to be given sufficient advance notice of their eviction, so that they have time to challenge their eviction in court (remember, eviction is only possible if the owner of the building is going to do something useful with the building), and so that they have time to take care of their belongings. After all, God forbid the police should violate the squatters' art. 1P1 ECHR property rights...

The ruling - in Dutch of course - is here.

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